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    Customer Engagement
    Real-time insight at the point of sale
    Feedback goes to YOU not Social Media
    Critical Operational Data
    Works across all platforms
    Simple, fast & fun for your customers
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  • Detailed data analytics
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Redefining how consumers connect with YOU.

We develop customer experience strategies that turn your customer engagement goals from vision to reality. Strategies that help you engage with ALL your customers.

Using DangILoveThat we were able to improve business operations. With the data we capture we improve our insight into employee performance. We then are able to make better business decisions based on real client feedback. What a powerful tool.

John Cronin - Howard Wangs

The data we captured at our events is critical. With DangILoveThat we are able to pinpoint exactly which marketing efforts are successful and what our customers want.

Brandy Rentz - Allen Event Center

Simple & Easy!

Make it easy on your customers. If they desire they can engage with you right at the table, in real-time. It takes less than 60 seconds to complete and it goes directly to you, instead of the internet. How cool is that?

Latest Technology

Impress your customers as you connect with them where they prefer... with their smart-phone at the table or later online. No matter how they connect, they answer your customized questions.


Results of your customers' experiences are sent to you in real-time. You're able to see a historical view of your feedback at any time and even export the data. Now you can compare, see and track your business performance over time.

We can help your business achieve new heights.

Creating a solution from the ground up to take your customer engagement to the next level.

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